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Affidavit of holding capacity form

Affidavit of holding capacity form. Confirms the capacity of an interceptor.

Tags: affidavit, Holding Capacity, Waiver, Notice Of Waiver

Ambulance driver application

Application to obtain a City of Houston ambulance driver permit.

Tags: ambulance driver permit application, e-permit, ambulance driver permit

Application for COVID Safety Training Certification

Application for covid safety training.

Tags: COVID-19, application, Training, certification, Food Safety

Aquatic facility inspection requirements brochure

Inspection requirements for aquatic facilities.

Tags: aquatic facility, pool, Spa, swimming, Inspection, Requirements

Best Management Practices for Food Establishments

Best management practices for food service establishments.

Tags: best management practices, Special Waste, Generator

Best management practices for multi family residence

Best management practices for multi family residence.

Tags: best management practices, Special Waste, Multi-Family Residence

Biological pretreatment permit application

Application to apply for a biological pretreatment permit.

Tags: Special Waste, Pretreatment

Boil water FAQ

Frequently asked questions for food establishments when a boil water notice has been issued. 

Tags: disaster, boil water notice, Low Water Pressure, Food Safety, faq

Certified Farmer's Market application

Application for a certified farmer’s market to apply for a license.

Tags: Food Permit Application

Charitable Feeding Class Training Schedule

Charitable feeding class training schedule.

Tags: charitable feeding, Homeless, feeding, calendar, Training

Cleaning in Progress Sign

Sign for shelters for when an area is closed while being cleaned. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, cleaning, closed

Commercial Pool/Spa Requirements Plan Review Guide

Provides guidance on commercial pool/spa requirements for plans submitted to Health plan reviewers.

Tags: pool

Cooling Down Foods Temperature Log

Tags: Food Safety

Cottage Food vendor - temporary food permit application

Cottage Food vendor application for permit waiver at temporary event.

Tags: Food Permit Application

Coughing and Sneezing Etiquette Sign

Sign for shelters on proper coughing and sneezing etiquette. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter

COVID-19 Guidance for Public Swimming Pools and Spas

COVID-19 Guidance for Public Swimming Pools and Spas.

Tags: aquatic facility, pool, Spa, swimming, Covid-19 guidance, Spanish

Covid-19 Symptoms Sign

Sign for shelters identifying Covid-19 symptoms. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, COVID-19, Symptoms

Diaper Changing Station Sign

Sign for shelters identifying diaper changing stations.

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Signage, diaper, baby, changing

Disinfecting for Norovirus Sign

Sign for shelters with guidance on disinfecting for norovirus. 

Tags: disaster, Shelter, Norovirus, Signage, disinfection

Dog Patio Application

Application and list of requirements for food establishments seeking to permit dogs in outdoor eating areas.

Tags: restaurant with dog patio, application, Outdoor