Bureau of Consumer Health Services

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Page last reviewed: February 5, 2024

Bureau of Consumer Health Services

We protect you through education and enforcement of local, state, and federal public health and environmental rules and standards as they relate to city-regulated waste, food safety, swimming pool safety, and ambulance services.

We also prevent foodborne illness, drownings and waterborne illnesses, and protect the environment against sanitary sewer overflow and other discharges.

Find Houston ordinances for food, pools, ambulance, special waste, and temporary food service.

EMS Permits

Get ambulance driver and private ambulance company permitting, decal and spot inspections, and learn about EMS program enforcement.

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Food Permits

We carry out a city-wide program for food safety, to promote health, and to prevent food-borne disease through education, training and regulation. Our program is designed to work in partnership with the people who make the day-today decisions that determine food safety — the owners, operators and employees of all food service establishments.

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Temporary Food Permits

A temporary food permit may be issued only if the temporary food service establishment is part of an "event" or "celebration." You may purchase up to 105 days of permits at the same location per calendar year. 

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Mobile Food Units

Scheduling your food truck inspection is now easier than ever. Our new, online appointment system lets you join the line from anywhere, wait wherever you want, receive wait time updates, and get notified when it's your turn.

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    Pool Permits

    Our pool safety program works to eliminate dangerous situations that occur when pools and other aquatic facilities are not kept up to standard safety protocols.

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    Special Waste Permits

    Our special waste program tracks waste, such as fat, oil and grease, from commercial and residential establishments. Monitoring these waste products ensures that our city’s environment is protected from pollutants that may harm individuals and ecosystems.

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    Pay fees associated with HHD programs and services. 

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    CDC: Food Safety Updates