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Page last reviewed: September 25, 2022

Multi-Service Centers

Our spacious centers provide a variety of services to Houstonians and are available for public and private events.

Multi-Service Center Locations


Our multi-service centers work in partnership with collaborating agencies to provide educational resources, direct services, referrals, access to basic needs, and other social services needs, including:

  • Healthy food through our farmers markets, produce wagons, and community gardens
  • Education to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Computer room and free WiFi
  • Application help for financial assistance programs such as Medicaid, Affordable Care Act Insurance, and Harris Health Financial Assistance
  • Facility rentals for private events
  • Meeting space for public events and meetings
  • Fitness activities and exercise equipment
  • Services for seniors (60+) and older (meals, benefits counseling, fitness activities)
  • Help with accessing health care and social services
  • Comcast Lift Zones that provide free hotspot internet access to help students get online, participate in distance learning, and do their homework.