Mobile Food Units

Food truck owner standing in front of their truck

Attention mobile food unit operators

  • Effective immediately, medallion inspections conducted at the Environmental Inspection Center (7427 Park Place Blvd Houston TX 77087) are subject to cancellation if the mobile food unit is under temporary closure. Temporary closures must be lifted in-field before medallion inspections can be conducted. 
  • Beginning January 1, 2023, the Houston Fire Department will require all mobile food units to have equipped an automatic fire extinguishing system (fire suppression system) over cooking equipment.
  • Per Houston Fire Department, no propane tanks that are not properly secured to the mobile food unit shall be allowed on site. No gasoline containers shall be permitted on the mobile food unit nor on the back of the vehicle pulling the mobile food unit during the inspection. Unit should not have double male electrical cables.  Service cable should be in good condition, with no damage, splicing, or junction boxes.

How to schedule your food truck inspection

  • Online (faster): Schedule an appointment online or get the free QLess app (available for both iOS and Android). Join the line from anywhere, wait wherever you want, receive wait time updates, and get notified when it's your turn.
  • Phone: 832-393-5100
  • Text message: On Wednesdays and Thursdays, text "Food Truck" or "Foodtruck" to 626-313-4758.

Documents and forms

Helpful Tips for Opening a Food Truck in Houston