Commercial Pools

New Pool and Spa Constructions Plans

Requirements for submitting construction plans for new pools, spas, or revisions to plans. All plans must be submitted electronically. Use the two guides below to aide with the process: 

  • Commercial Pool/Spa Requirements Plan Review Guide — This document provides the user with guidance on commercial pool/spa requirements for plans submitted to Health plan reviewers.

  • Electronic Plan Review User Guide — This document will guide first-time users through the electronic plan review (EPR) process for commercial plan submissions.

  • Pre-opening inspection request — This request is for commercial aquatic structures that are complete and ready to open to the public.  An inspection is required by a health inspector prior to opening and all requests must be submitted via email to  Pre-opening documents will be provided by email and must be completed by the requester prior to inspection.

    Commercial projects — All request to close projects for commercial aquatic structures must be submitted via email to  Please include project number and full address including ZIP Code.  Please ensure project has been approved by the Houston Public Works Structural Inspections section prior to submitting request to the Houston Health Department.