Youth and Adolescent Health

Teenagers walking together and smiling

The Bureau of Youth and Adolescent Health operates through the adolescent health framework and works with partners, local organizations, and our communities to improve the health and well-being of adolescents.

The current initiatives, programs, and collaborations aid in the success of the vision with a focus on these four priorities:

  1. Physical health — health promotion, sexual health, pregnancy prevention, connect to PCP, tobacco use prevention

  2. Mental & behavioral health — awareness, destigmatization, mental health promotion, coping strategies, peer-to-peer counseling, substance use, connect to community resources

  3. Social determinants of health — cradle to career; improve opportunities; access and support; education, housting, workforce, empoloyment opportunities; partnerships, connect to community resources

  4. Violence prevention — systemic and policy changes (Justice Council); change outcomes of interaction with law enforcement and jusine system, decrease recidivism, second chances, crime prevention through environmental design training (CPTED)