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Page last reviewed: October 10, 2023

Diabetes Awareness and Wellness Network

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The DAWN Center provides free diabetes self-management education and many other health related services to Houstonians in order to reduce and prevent chronic disease.

Four locations to serve you

Logo for Diabetes Awareness and Wellness Network

Programs and services

Self-management education

Diabetes self-management classes
Chronic disease self-management class (CDSM)
Diabetes survival skills
Diabetes basics 101
Conversation maps
Wisdom power and control for type 2 diabetes (7-week series)
Protect your heart workshop


Nutrition education

Taste of African heritage
Cooking for healthy living
Cooking demonstrations
Eat what you grow: garden and nutrition series
Grocery store tours
A dash of salt

Self-management support

Senior nutrition and fitness program
Diabetes support group
Medication management therapy
Foot care with podiatrist

DAWN community outreach requests

Please use the DAWN community outreach request form to ask for health education services. 

For more information, please email us

DAWN activity calendar