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Next G.H.E.N. Project

The Next Grassroots Health Education Network (G.H.E.N.) is searching for community partners and organizations to help usher in the next generation of transformative grassroots health educators. 

Are you creative when expanding your network, or does your organization use unconventional methods to help amplify your message? If so, the Houston Health Department would like to partner with you.

The project seeks health influencers to help amplify health education and strengthen our network.

Through a mini-grant of up to $3,000, the NEXT G.H.E.N. project aims to connect the community with local grassroots partners, health educators and community health workers through various health-influencing activities to improve disease awareness, health literacy and health equity.

If you have questions, please email us

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As a Next G.H.E.N. partner, you will: 

  • Submit a health-promoting project lasting no more than six months
  • Receive a mini grant of up to $3,000 to implement the project
  • Participate in an orientation and routine network partner calls
  • Establish relationships with other network partners
  • Report successes, impact, and lessons learned, and  
  • Take part in increasing health equity in the communities within the City of Houston.