Self-Management Education

Diabetes Self-Management Classes

Learn how to better manage diabetes with a full mind, body, spirit approach! This eight-week series is for adults impacted by pre-diabetes and diabetes! (En Español)

Chronic Disease Self-Management Class

Learn how to better manage any chronic disease with a full mind, body, spirit approach! This 8-week series is for adults impacted by any chronic disease! (En Español)

Diabetes Survival Skills

This 2-hour class will focus on educating the following diabetic population: individuals who have had a recent change in their diabetes status, those recently hospitalized, or individuals with high risks for diabetic complications. The lecture will serve as an interim between diabetes education series and will provide the necessary skills and concepts needed to assist the learner in decreasing diabetic complications. (En Español)

Diabetes Basics 101

This 2-hour class will provide the learner with the skills needed to manage their diabetes as well as decrease complications associated with diabetes. This class is good for those who need a refresher in diabetes management concepts or are newly diagnosed. (En Español)

Conversation Maps

Conversation Maps® help individuals understand the relationship between diabetes and healthy eating, the value of monitoring and troubleshooting results, and the natural progression of diabetes. (En Español)

Wisdom, Power and Control for Type 2 Diabetics (7-Week Series)

Learn how to manage your diabetes through this interactive, culturally sensitive nutritional program. The seven-week series is for adults impacted by Diabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Program — Prevent T2

The PreventT2 lifestyle change program is a comprehensive 16-week curriculum with follow-up classes throughout the year that will improve your knowledge of diabetes and its high-risk complications, enhance your self-management skills, and increase your confidence to reach your goals. The PreventT2 program can help you lose weight, become more physically active, and reduce stress. (En Español)

Protect Your Heart Workshop

This two-hour workshop is to provide self-management education and skills to members diagnosed with diabetes but have also been identified as having high blood pressures (> 140/90). This presentation offers a wealth of information on strategies the member can use to lower their risks of heart disease and other complications as it relates to diabetes and hypertension. 

Diabetes self-management education