Positive Parenting Talks

A talk with DePelchin's parenting educators

Positive Parenting Talks for Raising Happy Children and Building Healthy Families

Raising children can be challenging, especially for first-time parents. Some of the challenges may be a child that just does not listen to you, throws tantrums, or often picks a fight with his siblings, friends or teachers.

Parenting Sessions

We are now partnering with DePelchin Children’s Center to offer one-hour, monthly parenting sessions over Zoom.  Parenting sessions are based on a positive parenting approach to deal with real everyday situations or challenges to raise healthy children. During these classes educators will offer tools to help helps parents and caregivers gaining the skills needed to build healthy families.

Parenting Talks  are offered both in English and Spanish on the same day at two separate times.  Register today and save your spot for the coming classes!  To sign up, check out the dates and topics below and click on the link for the seasons offered on  your preferred language!

Downloadable Flyers

About DePelchin Children’s Center: DePelchin Children’s Center supports and sustains children and the families who care for them. We provide comprehensive services focused on ensuring all children are part of safe, caring homes. We deploy evidence-based practices and strategies to prevent maltreatment, preserve healthy families, and bring healing to children who have experienced trauma by enhancing their physical health and mental well-being.