EHE Plans

Houston/Harris County Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Plan Framework

The Houston Ending the HIV Epidemic (EHE) Plan is a guiding framework that includes key strategies, innovative activities, and indicators for measuring progress towards ending the HIV epidemic by 2030. The key purpose of this plan is to meet the HIV prevention needs of the Greater Houston Area and address challenges with HIV services.

The existing Houston plans, The Houston Area Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan and The Roadmap to Ending the HIV Epidemic in Houston have been very influential in cultivating goals presented in this EHE plan. The “Masterplan” is considered a “living” document, and thus as EHE planning and implementation continues, it is anticipated that several additional activities, strategies, and indicators will be included in the framework.

Community involvement is crucial for the success of the EHE initiative. The input received from people living and working in the Greater Houston Area will best demonstrate how the burden of HIV impacts everyone. Finalizing Houston’s EHE plan will help improve current programs, design new programs, distribute resources, support partnerships, and evaluate progress of goals, strategies, and activities for Ending the HIV epidemic in Houston/Harris County.